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                肿瘤科总体介绍 General Introduction to Oncology

                肿瘤科特色 Oncology Feature

                肿瘤科总体介绍 General Introduction to Oncology



                        We hope you will spend a little time to learn more about us and understand our ideas and methods for treating cancer through the website. We will answer any questions you may have during the treatment. And in hereyou are not only a patient but also a member of our family. And togetherwe overcome the troubles while fighting with cancer.

                Introduction of Oncology Department

                    The Oncology Department of Yantai Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine is one of national key Academy of Clinical Specialties and one of the key Academy of Chinese Medicine Specialties. For more than 20 years, under the leadership of Professor Hou Ai-hua, the department has been developed into a Chinese medicine comprehensive diagnosis and treatment center with advanced professional technology and rich experience. There are 4 wards for cancer specialties, with 161 beds, more than 5,000 hospitalized patients throughout a year, and more than 30,000 outpatient in volume.

                    The Oncology Department has Special equipment such as 128-slice spiral CT, electronic gastroenteroscope, electronic duodenoscope, nuclear magnetic resonance, bronchoscopy, particle implantation planning system, color Doppler, microwave ablation instrument and RF ablation therapeutic instrument, tongue diagnosis instrument, Herbal iontophoresis device, Moxibustion instrument. The department also established a room for minimal invasive treatment. The department also cooperated with a top-class rapid pathology workstation of the nation, and established a new drug-manufacturing room of 1200m2 which is under the GMP standards.

                    The Oncology Department has a professionally-technical team, within the numbers who are skilled with traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine. There are more than 100 professional medical staff of traditional Chinese and Western medicine, including 42 doctors of whom more than 90% are Masters and Doctors of medicine. And among them, there are 12 doctors who have senior professional titles, and 2 are master instructor, 7 successively formally acknowledge by national famous doctors of TCM. Under the leadership of Professor Hou Ai-hua, the entire team studied the classic works of TCM. The team inherited the essence and developed the thoughts of the science and clinical of many medical schools of TCM, such as the “Zi Lou Nedko Disease School ” and the “Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medicine Schools”. They established their unique brand of TCM oncology by learning wildly and making innovation. The Oncology Department emphasizes scientific research on the treatment of malignant tumors by TCM. We hosted and participated in 7 national and provincial projects, more than 20 municipal-level issues. And we also edited 6 works, and published more than 200 papers at various levels journals.

                    We advocate the connotation of human-oriented. We focus on humanistic care, following the principles of “green, standard, precise, individualized, humane, and systematic”, and attach importance to the overall management of the patient’s physical and mental health. During the specific treatment, specialists will formulate different treatment plans according to the ideological, spiritual, physical and family conditions of each patient, so that the concept of rehabilitation will be carried out throughout the treatment, so that the patient will not be fear of treatment and will enjoy a home-like treatment experience.

                    TCM is the chief method during our treatment of the tumor, but also combining TCM and Western medicine. By combining TCM with modern technology, the Onocology Department makes the treatment of tumor more efficiencies by means of stages, multiple pathways, and multiple targets. We summed up a set of effective TCM diagnosis and treatment system for lung cancer, gastric cancer, colorectal cancer, breast cancer, liver cancer, pancreatic cancer, esophageal cancer, brain tumors and other common malignant tumors and their complications, as well as prevention and treatment of radiotherapy and chemotherapy reactions. We developed more than 10 kinds of in-hospital preparations such as Mussel Sanjie Capsules, Fuzheng Shengxue Granules, Huayu Zhitong Powder, more than 30 prescriptions and Kangfei Sanjie Decoction, Yugan Sanjie Decoction, and Jianwei Sanjie Decoction, and nearly 40 kinds of TCM special treatment. We have reached the leading domestic level in the field of lung cancer, breast cancer, gastric cancer, liver cancer, colorectal cancer, pancreatic cancer, gynecological cancer, prostate cancer, malignant lymphoma and other fields. Many patients admired for treatment of TCM, so that, we have attracted many foreign patients to come to the treatment.

                    Those patients managed in the Oncology Department at Yantai Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine can achieve long-term survival with tumor. At present, the longest surviving patient with tumor has reached 25 years. The longest-survived advanced patients with tumor are 20years with liver cancer, 15years with lung cancer, 18years with gastric cancer, 15years with colorectal cancer, 15years with esophageal cancer, 17years with Late lymphoma, 11years with ovarian cancer.

                Contact phone number
                  Oncology outpatient telephone number:0535-6597070
                Oncology department 1(tumor ward 1
                    Nurse's office phone:0535-6597099
                    Doctor's office phone:0535-6597100
                    Director's office phone:0535-6597296
                Oncology department 2 tumor ward 2
                    Nurse's office phone:0535-6597121
                    Doctor's office phone:0535-6597122
                    Director's office phone:0535-6597322
                Oncology department 3 tumor ward 3
                    Nurse's office phone:0535-6597019
                    Doctor's office phone:0535-6597286
                    Director's office phone:0535-6597103
                Oncology department 4 tumor ward 4
                    Nurse's office phone:0535-6597170
                    Doctor's office phone:0535-6597176
                    Director's office phone:0535-6597177

                主攻方向 Main attack direction

                科室形象 Oncology Image